Emergencies Hit Workplaces Every Day;
We Help You Get Ready

We are the number one emergency preparedness consulting services provider in the country.

In the past year in the United States, there were:

  • 4.1 million workplace injuries
  • 2 million incidents of workplace violence
  • $2.6 billion of property loss from non-residential structure fires
  • 349,500 fire department responses to hazardous material spills
  • 45,000 natural and manmade disasters
  • 10,000 incidents of sudden cardiac arrest at work, and
  • 5,999 accidental workplace deaths

Sources: OSHA, Department of Justice, National Fire Protection Association, American Red Cross, EPA

We Identify Threats, Assess Strengths and Vulnerabilities, Then Deliver a Custom Action Plan

911 Consulting helps you protect your organization from likely threats and prepare for probable emergencies. The first step is to identify those threats. Next, we assess strengths and vulnerabilities of your:

  • Facility
  • Location
  • Local police, fire and EMS response capabilities

We then create a custom action plan tailored to your unique location, risk tolerance, culture and budget. Your action plan provides practical solutions to:

  • Comply with federal, state and local regulations
  • Prevent incidents
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Respond to a crisis
  • Resume operation

We Put Your Plan into Action, Including Training and Drills

911 Consulting implements your action plan, including training, drills and exercises. We work with your in-house resources for maximum efficiency.

Precaution is Never Wasted; Contact Us Today

If you’ve been looking for emergency preparedness expertise, look no further.

Smart emergency planning and training makes you ready for any crisis. Don’t risk being caught unprepared. Contact us now. We’ll help you get ready.