What We Do

Mission Statement

Emergency preparedness, training and drills/exercises for corporations, campuses and medical facilities.

You’re expected to know what to do. But what will you do when…

  • An angry ex hiding a loaded .38 walks into your building behind a group of employees
  • A visitor falls to the floor and starts convulsing in your conference room
  • Your assistant opens an envelope and white powder spills onto her hands-and disperses into your HVAC system
  • An anonymous caller states that three bombs will explode in 30 minutes
  • Your fire department orders you to shelter-in-place because of a chlorine gas release upwind from your facility

Will you know what to do? Will your employees? Even when you’re not on the premises?

911 Consulting gives you practical solutions for preventing likely incidents, preparing for emergencies, responding to a crisis and resuming operations. We create a custom emergency plan, train your personnel, and stage drills to make sure you’re ready.

911 Consulting gives you these competitive advantages:

  • We help you cover your posterior. Federal, state and local laws require every workplace to comply with specific emergency preparation standards. When an organization is not in compliance and is hit with an event, attorneys and bureaucrats pounce. We help you comply with all applicable regulations to reduce your exposure.
  • We look for likely incidents and emergencies, not Chicken Little. Medical events, workplace violence, bomb threats and fire are the most common workplace emergencies. However, when a facility is near a major highway, railway, or port, we assess the level of risk for toxic spills and other threats.
  • You get innovative solutions from a cross-section of industries. You’re an expert on one facility. We’re experts on hundreds. We have conducted walk-arounds and assessments of offices, corporate campuses, high-rises, factories, warehouses, medical facilities and school campuses for industries including Finance, Communications, Manufacturing, Education, Food Processing, Not-for-Profit, International Shipping, Defense Contracting, Insurance, Health Care, and more.
  • We implement our recommendations. Unlike many consulting firms, we don’t hand you a list of recommendations then leave you holding the bag-we continue working. After creating your custom emergency plan, we implement your plan, including training, drills, and exercises. When available, we work with your in-house resources for maximum efficiency.
  • We work within your culture. You can have the greatest emergency plan in the world, but if it goes against your organization’s culture, no one will follow it. We make sure that your plan is in concert with your culture.

Hope is not a strategy; precaution is never wasted

Every firefighter and police officer responding to an emergency hears, “I never thought this could happen to us.” Be ready instead of regretful. Contact 911 Consulting today to see how straightforward it can be to be ready for the unthinkable.