Emergency PLANNING: Your Legal Obligations


There are way too many executives/administrators who think that they’re NOT required by law to plan for emergencies in their workplace.  WRONG! Every employer in America is required by law to have a plan without exception. Emergency Insight #1: This is not your father’s fire plan. Your plan has to be all hazards. Not just fire, but severe weather, active shooter, roof collapse, assault in your parking lot—any and all foreseeable circumstances—as the lawyers say. Want to see the legal citations to which you are subject? Review the “10 Commandments of Emergency Planning.” This is your legal brief detailing your obligations under federal law. Emergency Insight #2: Guess who is ... Read more »

Lab Explosions Injure Your Kids

If your kids go to school K-12, or college; or if you’re an administrator K-16, be warned that the federal government is—once again—taking sharp notice of lab safety at your school/campus. Sparked by an explosion with serious injuries in a school ... Read more »

September 11 and Training

My wife and I just visited the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. Emotionally poignant and beautifully done. This anniversary should remind us about training. On the morning of September 11, 2001, one company with 2,600+ people present in the South ... Read more »