The 6 Phases of Denial

“I never thought this could happen.”

Every fire fighter or police officer at the scene of an organization like yours has heard that whisper of astonishment. It’s human nature to hope that nothing will ever go wrong.

But it does.

Denial is an expensive enemy. 911 Consulting has identified “The 6 Phases of Denial” among workplace leaders, common to almost every company that experiences a crisis.

The 6 Phases of Denial are:

  1. It won’t happen to us
  2. It won’t happen here
  3. It won’t happen now
  4. If it does happen, it won’t be so bad
  5. If it is bad, our insurance will cover it
  6. Ohmygod, why weren’t we prepared for this?!

The price of denial is only realized after a disaster befalls the organization. Few can afford the productivity collapse, ruinous lawsuits and critical publicity that follow a crisis.

Luck is not a strategy. Emergency preparedness is. Contact us today.

Are you making any of these 7 dangerous assumptions?

  1. No one, including visitors, will ever suffer a medical event while at our site
  2. None of our employees have a violent person in their lives
  3. Everyone knows their primary and secondary emergency exit routes
  4. No one needs to know how to use the fire extinguishers
  5. When anyone calls 911, emergency responders always arrive within 4 minutes
  6. There will never be a toxic release upwind from our location
  7. We have an emergency preparedness plan that’s legal and up to standard

Dangerous assumptions place your people in jeopardy and expose your organization to risk.

When you plan and prepare for emergencies, you can better protect your people, assets and property—and mitigate the losses, critical publicity and ruinous lawsuits that follow a crisis.

911 Consulting guides you in compliance, preventing incidents, preparing for emergencies, responding to a crisis and resuming operations. We will work with you to ensure you never have to enter the 6 phases of denial.

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