The Fatal Flaw in Your Active Shooter Response


Presented by Bo Mitchell


In 56 action-packed minutes, you’ll learn:

  The fatal flaw in your active shooter response and how to fix it (what police pray you’ll do)

  The “Iceberg Principle” and how to see the what’s below the surface before it’s too late

  The five most dangerous myths of planning and how they can make your people sitting ducks

  Telltale clues that can forecast an active shooter incident—if only you know what to look for, before it’s too late

  Where active shooters come from, and why they are rarely strangers or terrorists

  The centuries-old military principle that makes you an immediate asset to the police instead of a time-wasting hinderance

  The three ways your people can respond to an active shooter—and none of them includes trying to talk him down like in the movies!

  Why your CEO could end up in prison, and how you can prevent it

  Where to start in building a thorough, comprehensive, compliant plan so you protect your people, your property—and your posterior

What police pray you know

An active shooter incident unfolds at lightning speed in terrifying conditions.  If you fail to address the fatal flaw in your response plan, you and your people are sitting ducks.

The FBI and NYPD report active shooter incidents in the U.S. quadrupled in 2013-16 from the previous five years. In the average active shooter incident, three people die and at least an additional three are injured.

“It will never happen to us” sets you up for crippling loss

Denial is not a plan. Active shooters strike office buildings, corporate campuses, high rises, healthcare facilities, factories, malls, school, colleges—and workplaces next to yours.

Hopefully, your organization will never experience an active shooter incident—yet you are held responsible when an active shooter assaults the organization next door and your people are injured or killed.

If the tragic loss of life, physical injuries, and psychological destruction doesn’t bring your organization to its knees, the negligence lawsuits can wipe you out.

Depositions, legal fees, negative publicity, plummeting productivity, staff turnover, and tanking sales can cost millions before you’re even hit with a verdict.

How to be the hero instead of the scapegoat

View “The Fatal Flaw in Your Active Shooter Response” at your convenience, and invite colleagues to join you.
In less than an hour, you’ll be able to:
  • Review your active shooter response and identify the fatal flaw
  • Draft an action plan to bring your active shooter response up to police protocol standards
  • Present facts and statistics to your higher-ups to get their attention and backing
  • Feel confident that you’re preparing your organization to protect its people and property

Presentation Method: Multi-media

Learning Objectives
  • How to prepare for tactical response so you’re an asset to police instead of a time-wasting hindrance
  • How to train your people so they don’t panic or freeze
  • Understand laws and regulations applicable to your planning and training (and, if violated, can land your CEO in prison)
  • Recognize the larger causes of these lethal events in your workplace, and how to recognize red flags